Car Leasing

BMW 3-Series – Car Lease Deals for Everyone

Would you like to get more car for your money? If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, then you can if you decide to use contract hire or leasing. More and more people are
enjoying the benefits so take a look at the fantastic advantages of contract hire and leasing when you’re looking at a new car…

Why buy something that is immediately depreciating in value?

Buying a car isn’t like buying a house. Whereas a house tends to appreciate in value over time, a vehicle begins depreciating as soon as you purchase it. Leasing avoids this. Instead of owning the car, you simply pay a monthly amount to use the vehicle over a set period of months. Once this period is up, the car is returned to the leasing company and you can begin another lease with a brand new car.

Get more car for your money

Compared to other ways of funding a vehicle, contract hire and leasing are the most cost-effective, which means you’ll be able to afford a much better vehicle than you would be able to if you were purchasing it.

Hassle-free motoring

Even new cars go wrong occasionally and repair bills can mount up once you are out of warranty. This isn’t a problem if you use leasing or contract hire. With repairs and maintenance included in your monthly payment, you’ll never need to worry about high repair bills ever again.

Fixed price motoring enables you to manage your finances better

When you own a car, you always have to think about those sudden repair bills that can occur. These can range from a fee pounds for minor repairs to thousands of pounds to fix major issues and can make budgeting difficult. With contract hire and leasing, you have none of this to worry about which makes both your motoring and general household budget easier to manage.

A brand new car every 2/3/4 years

With leasing, it’s great to be able to have a brand new car at the end of every lease period. As well as the prestige of a brand new car, you can benefit from the advances in technology, performance and fuel economies that new cars bring.